Beautiful photos of my travels - France and castles!


In my travels in France, I saw many old and relatively new houses that looked like castles. It also surprised me how modestly the French can live, especially in the villages. Sometimes it's just a room with a door to the street and a tiny window next to it, and there, all together - bedroom, kitchen, table in the middle (living room) and necessarily a fireplace, on which often and cooks. But everyone wants to see his HOUSE is a castle, with a turret, a fortress wall ... even a microscopic, but so) its fortress!

 Old French Manor!

 An old French palace in the outback!

 Brick houses. roofs and chimneys - very beautiful houses in the depths of France!

 Very nice French courtyard!

 Very nice polisadniks from France. came and took photos on the trip!

 Photos that make you feel pleasure and wish you were there!

 A French house against the sky!

 A very unusual street (France) of old masonry bricks!

 Numerous French courtyards!

 When there is a lot of water in the streets of France.This is an old village, but how beautiful!

If you and I want to see the beauty and pleasure to cheer ourselves up a lot - a lot. then it is worth to find ourselves in these beautiful places in France, which is in abundance and we are now transported to France of our days.but as if by time machine!

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