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Myths about female sexuality and the G-spot

Female sexuality was first described in the 19th century. At that time it was considered a disease, sexuality was considered a disorder. If a woman could experience pleasurable sensations from her body, then such a woman was considered mentally ill. Therefore, for a very long time, women were divided into two camps. The first was that of chaste women, who were pure and blameless. These women rejected all bodily pleasures. This eventually led to the worst mental illnesses, suicidal tendencies, and split personalities. In the second camp were the harlots, women who had intimate relationships and did not reject them.


From the 19th century to this day, there have been various myths about female sexuality. And now I will tell you about some of them

Myth 1. A woman cannot enjoy sex if she is not emotionally attached to a man. And her sexuality must develop in the context of a single relationship, preferably they were also supported by a stamp in the passport

There are a lot of studies on this subject, which record the physiological indicators of arousal in women. They show that the greatest response in terms of physiology occurs when a woman hears, fantasizes or sees clips of men she does not know. However, our society often forbids free women to have sex with men they like, considering it dirty behavior. And married women are condemned for various experiments within a couple. Because of this, many women hide their experiences that relate to the frequent need for sex. They block out their emotions, build up blocks and thereby inflict deep mental and physical wounds on themselves. Such women often experience problems with pregnancy, ruin relationships with men and age faster

Myth 2: Female sexuality should only happen during intercourse; it has no place in everyday life. "Thanks" for this to Freud, who stated immature and mature types of orgasm. In fact, there are no such types of orgasm at all. A woman is either physiologically able to have orgasms, or she has consciously or unconsciously blocked this possibility in herself. To unblock it - visit my tantric yoni massage, which will greatly help in solving this problem

3 Myth. Does the G-spot exist?

Actually physiologically there is no such point. But there is a certain area inside the vagina, which causes a huge range of unusual sensations for women when they come in contact with it. During a yoni massage you can experience all this too. This area (G-spot) can be inactive or have little activity if a woman has anatomically short clitoral stems. This is why the G-spot is not something sacred, because a woman has about a dozen other erogenous points all over her body and in her vagina.

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