It's time to make a dramatic change in your life!


I radically change women's lives My vocation is to reveal a woman's essence, awaken her inner energy and solve the most piquant issues. I am a certified psychologist-sexologist, master of tantra, tantric and yoni massage. I work not only with the head, but also necessarily with the body.


Together with my spouse, we have created a cozy space where you will begin your transformation. Why did I combine tantra and sexology? Because it's impossible to solve a problem or become more conscious working only with the head or on the contrary, only with the body. We are whole, which means we have to pay full attention to everything in us, to every part of our body and mind. You can spend many years in a psychologist's office, or you can come to our session and finally solve all your problems, remove blocks and just start to enjoy yourself.

The big cherry and big bonus for women is that we do individual tantra sessions and tantric yoni massage in 4 hands. You get energy from two people who love each other and are masters of their craft - me and my husband Andrew. Imagine the flow of energy, understanding and enlightenment you will receive! We spent a lot of time, energy and nerves to create what we do now. Four years ago we held our first session of tantric massage with 4 hands and since then we became pioneers of tantric movement in Tyumen. In a few years we have dramatically changed our lives and the lives of other women. It took us several years to see the results of our efforts. When I found out myself that I could change women's lives before and after, pull her out of blocks, pulling down relationships, make her the Queen of life, give her this taste and high from new states, then of course I saw myself as a super power and my new vocation

Why do I want to help women?

I myself had a difficult childhood with almost no parents, an aggressive adolescence and my first failed marriage of 13 years. There were disappointments, pain and fading away, a state that everything goes wrong and others always live better...Until I realized that we are always the cause, only we are responsible for everything that happens around us. You can only change yourself to change everything around you. Believe me, when you plunge into the rhythmic life of tantra - then you will fall in love with your body all over again, with your new cool life and attract to you the people you have always dreamed about. Your eyes will burn with happiness, you will become much healthier mentally and physically, your desires will begin to come true. These are not empty words, I have many examples of our clients' results

I am a very unusual psychologist, sexologist and master of body therapy. I have no standard programs and each session in our tantra club is strictly individual and therefore brings positive results. With each woman I work only on an individual program, it is just a taboo. I would be grateful to all the girls with whom I or my husband and I have worked together, if they would leave feedback on our practices in the comments. To get to know me even better - just read my feed, I might be the one you've been looking for

And if so, write my good one in the personal and I will definitely change your life for the better, help you become a beloved and sexy woman. And I will definitely give you new states and sensations that will help you to get high every day and in general not to sweat about anything

See you at the session And forget what was before tantra and what is written on the internet. Only when you meet in person will you be able to understand what tantra is and how modern sexology works, I'm waiting for you my good

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