The Spectacle of an Abandoned House - Photo!


It's a sad sight - an abandoned house... but it doesn't last long. Usually, once people are gone, the authorities rush to demolish the *non-unit* from sin... if they manage to evict everyone. But you can imagine how hard it is for some people to leave their apartments in a wooden house, with a front garden, barns, cats... in the center.
Here's an example, a house in a cozy corner, in a cul-de-sac. Windows are torn out, sheds are torn down, the doors are wide open, the wind blows, garbage everywhere, and people are still living where they lived! How could they not be run over by a bulldozer?
There's a pigeon underfoot, unafraid and just wait till it kicks me... but it's like it's trying to get in my way! That's weird! My mother told me that it's someone's soul that wants warmth and comfort... I can believe it!? And then there are those around, more than one person was born and died in this house! Although the sick bird is just out of his mind...
I do not want to leave ... silence, calm and good.

 A sturdy, good home that the owners abandoned!

 there was a lot of life going on here!

 Only wild pigeons are left to live here.This is their homeland and they are birds used to it!

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