Decorating with natural stone in your apartment - photo!


The work of cutting and laying NATURAL MARMORA on my site. The idea of zoning the kitchen, hallway and living room in one not very large space, was complicated by the fact that I wanted to combine everything with the floor and make a *conditional* transition from the hallway to the kitchen... When I drew it and showed it to the client, I did not really believe that everything will work! But fear the eyes, but do the hands!

 Pictures - very beautiful finishing of the room with natural stone!

 Photo - Look what a beautiful stone floor in my apartment!

 Photo- My hallway is also trimmed with all natural stone!

 Pictures with a general view of the rooms. where natural stone was used!
Doesn't that look pretty good!

When everything is finished with stone in your home - pictures!


 The craftsmen chose the stone pattern well. to make everything look very spectacular!

 This is what my home floor looks like!
Stone. and stone flowers!

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