Photo - Ferrara "Italian fortress city"!


The city of Ferrara is not trampled by tourists like many others... and retains the very* spirit of Italian dignity that is legendary. I realized this myself when I was there in 2019. The city - THE CREATE is oddly enough, not really out of its walls, I guess that's the whole point!) People still have something to defend themselves against! Yes, the residents cherish their history, which is, however, so alive that it is not easy to separate the times from each other. Residents are not ashamed of their medieval dwellings, do not consider them museums ... they live in them, to be exact, in these houses for about 500 years! Universities and various institutions and services with stores... are still in their* places. Incredible in its beauty, the cemetery is only compacted, but does not change location and is inside the Wall. All of this is worthy of great respect!
There is such an *inside-fortress* atmosphere in the city, when you don't understand where the street is and where the interior space is, everything is so closely interwoven... and people are like part of this *spectacle*!

The city of Ferrara from the roof of the house!

The heyday of Ferrara was during the period of power of the D*Este family ... as Wikipedia says, for those who like to read)...
Ferrara's court was of fabulous splendor. The aristocracy followed the example of its sovereigns. Unprecedented luxury was established in dwellings, clothing, decorations, furniture, furnishings, horses, servants, etc. Palaces, villas, gardens, parks with menageries bore the poetic name of "delizie".

Masquerades, balls, banquets, hunts, tournaments, performances were called "cortesie". The whole life was like a solid holiday. Chivalry, which had outlived its usefulness everywhere, in Ferrara was deeply imbued with morals: there was a special order of "golden spurs", armed contests and disputes on questions of honor were arranged. Manuscripts of French novels of chivalry were read with delight in Ferrara.

Proven?al troubadours found a warm welcome at the Ferrara court as early as the 13th century. In this society of rugged soldiers and hunters, women, who did not remain in the shadows as in other cities, gained great influence thanks to their chivalrous habits. They were present at tournaments and hunts, games, processions and shows. Nowhere in Italy were the typical features of feudal society more pronounced than in Ferrara and Milan. Its rulers sought to imitate in every way the manners and customs of the Burgundian court, so vividly described by Johan Huizinga in The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Even later, during the Renaissance, Ferrara remained the main center and breeding ground of the courtly culture.

 Фото - Город Феррара с крыши дома!

 A beautiful house in Ferrara with lemons growing in the yard!

View from the balcony of Townhouse - Italy, in Ferrara!


 Vintage map of the city 

 An old portrait in one of Italy's lodges!

In the streets of a beautiful city, Italy...beautiful photos!


 Find out what it is in Italy?

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