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The city of Lucca is a settlement that has preserved its fortress wall, firmly protecting its inhabitants, to this day. Anyone who comes here becomes visible.
I rented an apartment right in the center and rented a bike and rode everywhere. I decided to have lunch at a cafe in the central square, under an umbrella. I ordered a pizza and the waiter, a young, cheeky guy, asked me "Are you from America?" I just said "No!" And he started humming to himself some song - "My American, take me with you to your America!" He sang and sang... The next day, he saw me riding my bike past a cafe on the square - and he sang very loudly, raising his hands to the sky - *My American!
The next time, I decided to avoid this spectacle and rode the blocks... so, what would you think, the guy was apparently on his day off and was standing with a bunch of friends, the same sassy, near a bar in a narrow alley... As soon as he saw me, he sang even louder than usual, and all his friends picked up on it... and then hooted and hollered as he caught up with me!
It's all so Italian... I miss you!

 In the city of Lucca Italy - Pictures!

 We ate real Italian food!

 A very cozy place in Italy!

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