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Have you ever had one of those moments when you suddenly see your dream come true? It happened to me THURSDAY. I was in the old lake hollows and I saw a tiny river... and a garden going towards it and a HOUSE ON A HILL... I stopped and a PICTURE in my eyes - I (my granddaughter) was running barefoot along the stream, behind the boat... and the stream was ice-cold, clean, covered with flower petals from the lushly blooming trees of the old garden... I lift my head, and there's my grandmother or my mother (Me), calling for breakfast and the aroma of pancakes down the hill. And I wander through the garden, through the grass, where everything is mine, native... the herbs are spicy, the birds are singing, the garden is neglected, overgrown... And I see the house (built by me) simple and sweet, where my own people live. There's a table under an apple-tree with a blue tablecloth and on it a pile of pancakes, a bowl of sour cream, and a pot of tea...
I usually make all my dreams come true...however, it's TIME for a new one, or remembered old one?!)
As for the place where I'm staying - yes, and the river is fouled and fences everything is not humanly .... But you can clean it up, if only you had the hands! I also liked one house, of which, to be honest, almost nothing is left, but stands so picturesque, right in the valley, buried in the bushes... and the people lived in it, and were happy?

 It is possible and necessary to dream!

 Pictures - dreaming of beautiful things together!

 Pictures - Dream Gate!

 The Old Cabin

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