Rains and thunderstorms - Beautiful moments with photos!


In moments of thunderstorms and beautiful clouds, you and I will see the beauty and charm and also the beauty that one can feel from seeing beautiful things!
Looking, seeing, watching and feeling that you merge with nature, experiencing delightful feelings that strongly give positive emotions and of course with pleasure look at such harmonious beauty, which becomes more beautiful with each stroke of thunder, you begin to feel life in all its manifestations!
For it is true. that this spectacle is delightful!

 There's so much green under the clouds!

 And a dark blue sky above!

Gold burns, the dark sky!


 It's about to start raining - Thunderclouds and a church!

 Pigeons before the rain!

 Lilacs and rain!

 Clouds. clouds, oh those huge clouds in the sky, let it rain!

 Beautiful composition with the tree!

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