A photo from my trip to France!


1 - A niche in the room where the fireplace is located. Such fireplaces are like part of a room, often 1/5 of the area! And in the niche is a huge hole in the ceiling - a chimney. So you could even sit in the fireplace. Basically it was just a place for the fire. Remember the fairy tale about Cinderella, in the original version of Grimm, she slept in the ashes ... so like that) Here and the kitchen, I've seen interpretations - just a table as a big bench next to the fireplace, above it hooks. In this case, right in the fireplace is a door...where? It's not clear) Maybe it's a rough entrance to the kitchen area. Now look closely at the spit...it's a super - rarity, working!
2 - The mechanism for spinning the spit...
Photo taken in one of the Castles, where I was able to visit ...

 A very unusual room!

 Spinning Mechanism - Picture!

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