Question for the woman - My perfect relationship!


It's an experience!

How many times have you said that expression in your life? And how many more times will you say it? And okay, if the experience concerns non-traumatic life situations, but if it concerns relationships, then you can gain experience until your old age. And in the end, you won't be able to build a relationship at all. I am often consulted by women who have once again failed to build a relationship. The second, third marriage or just 15 attempts, samsara.... all repeat and end the same way, a breakup, painful experience and in the end a new search.

I ask the question. "Why do you think it didn't work out for you?" And in response I hear phrases like, "Oh, he's this, he's that, and others are like this, and he doesn't do anything at all.


Then I ask the woman to describe her ideal relationship, to describe what her ideal partner looks like. What qualities he or she possesses. Everything down to the smallest detail, down to the timbre of her voice and the number of moles on her body. And women fall into a stupor and almost all answer, and I do not know, I have not even thought about it ...

You know what the main reason is? We build a relationship, enter into a deep energetic and intimate connection with a person. And we don't even know and have no idea what kind of relationship we want. We always need a stimulus and a reference point, a goal. We need to know what a relationship is for. And sometimes it turns out that women get into a relationship or even get married to "have" a check mark. Well, because that's how it's done. And when things don't work out, they say "well, it's an experience" next time will be lucky. No luck... it's not a casino, it's life.

Before we make any global plans to connect with a person, we must necessarily understand why we are doing it. We have to mentally imagine and visualize our relationship. When we do that, we attract it all. But women more often choose to get in and out of relationships, gaining blocks, trauma, and losing their best years.

And it's not just about family relationships, if you're just dating someone for warmth and love, you also need to be clear about your goals and see your relationship. Maybe you are being used and you don't notice it. If your lover/s drops by for an hour or so a week, for a couple of years or more, do you respect yourself? If you're trying to play the perfect family, but you dream of a different life. Why do you put up with it? Maybe you should think about yourself and figure out how to change the relationship or get out of it altogether. Life is not about suffering.

Appreciate your time, be wiser and think more about yourself, and a loving person will always support you. And if you can't solve the issues that are important to you, you can always come to me for advice.

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