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Why we need rooting and why the first chakra is blocked

Our planet is a huge magnet and we are all attracted to it. But the more civilization develops, the more we move away from nature, from the earth

A hundred years ago such a phenomenon as allergy was an isolated case, nowadays almost every child and adult suffers from it. We are alienated from nature, from our essence, and we suffer from it. Instead of absorbing the energy of the earth, we wear heels and stilettos. This, too, distances us from the life energy that comes from the earth. We are used to consuming and simplifying our lives. Human physical activity has declined 25 to 30 times in the last hundred years. We don't use our bodies properly, which means we've become more sick, we've become more artificial. We have problems in different areas of our lives.


It's not for nothing that many of us are drawn to the outdoors in our free time. It is our natural state. In nature, we feel more relaxed and natural. Many of us live in the city, where the pace of life is enormous. The land here is rolled up under asphalt and the trees are rarely pleasing to the eye. Cities have severed our natural essence, our security. Man is not separated from nature, and for the normal flow of life, a sense of security and energy supply, contact with the earth is vital. Try to bury your feet ankle-deep in the ground or sand on the beach. Spend 30 minutes or more like that. Then you will feel that your body is filled with energy, your mood improves and you feel more cheerful. Repeat this several times a month and you are more likely to get rid of allergies. It's not for nothing that wise yogis bury themselves up to their necks and stay in that position for hours. They know the benefits of contact with nature, with the earth.

That's why we want to go to the beach in summer and lie on the sand. That's how we get energy, unconsciously we are drawn to that place, where we heal and fill. It is natural. Just like eating and drinking water.

Rooting is a way of contact with the earth, with your natural essence. Living in the city and not being able to be in nature all the time, the practice of rooting is very important. Without rootedness, aka grounding, we will be less energetic, get sick more often and even live sometimes in fear. We will not be able to fully experience our bodies or even the true taste of food. Our lungs will be operating at a minimal frequency. Our first chakra is thus blocked. And yet it is responsible for our survival. Bad life in general and life as survival, these are the signs of a blocked first chakra

That's why we put a lot of emphasis on rooting practice in our tantra sessions. And then we move on. To practice rooting and other effective tantra practices, I invite you to a session or tantric massage. When you go through our practice, you will be able to do it on your own in the future

Get closer to nature and live a tantric life so that life is cool and natural. See you at the practices

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