Photo with impressions - the difference is 60 years!


The other day the photographer posted these two photos, 60 years apart! I'm impressed by this photo drama! The thing is that both here and there we see one person, only passing through a long time, but always close to his home! It's like a time machine, for real!

Especially when you go into the yard shown in the photo...there the images rise before your eyes, alive...children's voices are heard and the mother calls her son to dinner and the smell of freshly laundered laundry hanging on a rope...and now, suddenly ...other sounds, jerky, muffled, not clear, other smells...of decay, standing water.

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Everything's frozen and waiting... What? I don't want to talk about that now. Life goes on!

I also love this HOUSE and take pictures... in different years, morning, evening, winter and summer... but for drama, I need to go to the Internet, look for information, etc. And Sergei does it on their materials ... MASTER!

By the way, in the old photo, in the center, on her knees, sits a girl ... arranged her dolls, surely it is her treasure) Where today and who is she? I want a continuation of the story! Development of events ... scale!

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