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To booking accommodation in my itinerary, I treat with special, if not more, attention! It is always unusual for a normal tourist, places: ancient villas, remote castles, apartments in medieval houses, etc. In the city of Ferrara, there were many such proposals ... but I wanted to choose something more worthwhile!
We found the villa Horti Della Fasanara... It was right in the middle of an ancient park, and through the fence - a huge cemetery! *No need to fear the living * - I thought to myself, and we, with my constant, as fearless as I am, a friend of life and travel, arrived at the place in the morning...

We got settled, went for a walk around town, and came back on foot through the same park after dark!
It was autumn!
Little by little, we found out that the Villa Fasanar is on the site of an even older, and surrounded by active, cemeteries. It had been built by the Duke of Fasanar as a hunting castle in the local dense forest...
Night fell... I couldn't sleep. Suddenly, there was a scream right outside the window. It was not a human voice, but like a child's, a strange throaty, hysterical... Again and again, closer and farther away. We were not alive nor dead with fear! We shut all the shutters and shook under the blankets. But somehow we fell asleep.

Morning came and our fears vanished! Downstairs there was the clinking of dishes and the smell of freshly baked goods waited for us for breakfast. As I spoke to the cook, I told her, embarrassed, about the screams of the night. She laughed and told me about a big old owl that had been living under the roof of the villa since time immemorial. We then took a long walk through the ancient park, guessing where the graves were))) but I no longer booked accommodation in cemeteries!))

 A view from the window of a castle in Italy!

 Cozy, Italian house. to rent and live in it!

 Photo Italy!

 Pictures of Italy!

 People who like to travel around the world, Italy in the photo, and you can also rent an interesting apartment or live in a real, medieval villa!
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