Pictures - Spanish Girl with a Fan (From Travel Italy)!


And now the most incredible thing from Ferrara...
As we walk through the streets, of course, I keep my camera in my hands and take pictures of everything... There's a cast-iron thing embedded in the wall of an apartment building... it's got holes in it and it's like part of an intercom...
When I get home, I'm looking at the picture and I can't get my head around it! I've seen it somewhere... and where? I started flipping through the books... I FOUND IT! Exactly the same thing made in the factory in our city!
And what does that mean?
How did our ashtray "Spank with a fan" get to Ferrara?!

 Photo - Spanish Girl with a Fan (International Artwork)!
Exactly the same were produced in distant Siberia at the plant Masharov in the last century!

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