Pictures - How to integrate furniture into walls!


As difficult as it is to "integrate furniture into walls"... it remains an important theme for me and allows me to create an interior where cabinets, drawers and shelves do not hang over the soul, they seem to dissolve into the walls. What to say about order in the house, that is also my point.
The most difficult thing is to unite the efforts of craftsmen, correctly give out the task and organize the work schedule!

 Beautifully built-in cabinets in the wall - photo!

 Integrating light furniture into the wall of your home!

 Look how beautiful the cabinets look in the wall!

 Cabinets, wall and ceilings!

 Beautiful steel cabinet handles, finished view!

 Modern interior!
Your hallway and closets!
Stylishly built and very beautiful!

 How beautiful the corner of the closet in the wall looks!
Good professionals worked!

 Floor and cabinets, bottom view!
Integrating your furniture into the wall!

 The master cabinet maker is in the business of installing home furniture into walls!

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