Today the clouds are artists (the clouds pose to me)!


When the weather is beautiful and we just want to take a walk, we discover a whole new world, a world where the clouds and many, many beautiful things literally pose for us and treat us with complete favor. the grass, the clouds. somewhere the sun looks out and we are pleased, and such beauty we want to look at and consider again.
After all, so many positive emotions. can only be if you look at the very real work of art. pictures that bring you to life and where you are inspired!
Everything is so beautiful that pleasant and noble you see literally everything!

 Houses, clouds. stairs - look how beautiful!

 An old house where people live! It looks so epic!

 Amazing, even some kind of unique beauty!

 The window hid behind the moss!

 A beautiful bush of white lilacs!

 When the lilacs are filled with color. and the clouds are frowning all around!

 Clouds and the most modern houses, a picture . which causes a lot of joy!

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