Photo - Flowers are close and beautiful!


Flowers close up...Each flower has its own character!
Photos made by me on the streets of the city.Flowers are beautiful, they have many different shades, surprise us with their beauty and give an amazing harmony to life.Loving the flowers causes a flutter in the heart!
Beautiful, beautiful, oh how beautiful it is to look at this magnificence for hours!
Enjoy the flowers on a large scale! The pictures were taken especially close in order to see all the beauty, who appreciates these flowers!

 Yellow flower stuffing!

 There's a green heart in the flower!

 A delicate flower in the form of honey!
honey color it is nice!

 Tenderness, beauty, close-up color of the flower!

 Yellow stuffing!
unique photos!

 It's a living picture to look at and admire forever. even use it as a background for your phone!

 Yellow and green!


 Very tasty!
It's so flavorful in the middle of the flower and has a very pretty appearance!

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