A photo of the old town these days!


This is literally a PORTAL to the Past - today you can touch what is still so alive in this beautiful OLD PHOTOGRAPHY. Look at the gate line, there it is, just like the gate itself, look at the casings, there they are, alive and well!
I do not know, maybe it's just me, but I have a sacred delight of this revelation.
I have already posted on FB, how once I saw the top outline of these gates, I began to remember that somewhere I have seen THIS before, and as if from my past (!) pulled this picture...
Today, this HOUSE is no longer a proud beauty ... squeezed by a construction fence, from an unfortunate apartment building, which is being demolished, on the street, which has lost its significance, it lives out its EGE! But this is the real history of the CITY and its inhabitants.
I love my city, and I care that soon no one will be able to make a similar discovery, everything will be flat and the PORTAL TO THE PAST will disappear!

 The gate is beautiful - Have you seen a gate that's over 200 years old made of wood?

 Beautiful classic pen!

 The window is classic in style!
Old Masters!

 A log house, solid and reliable!
Learning to build!

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