Pictures of fishermen and fishing - Soulful recreation!


To catch fish and fishing itself is a real pleasure, we often go on a fishing trip and catch there the most different fish! It's a pleasant rest in the fresh air and you feel a lot of sports passion, where the catch is something that causes exclusively positive emotions! We share our impressions and photos from the fishing process. we show the fish we caught and of course we cook fish soup in a kettle right on the spot!
Lovers of rest with a fishing rod on the shore of a lake. river or any body of water are devoted to these photos, where fishing and with its positive emotions!
Fishing is a state of human soul and causes a great excitement, especially when there is a bite!
Watch with pleasure pictures of fishing. fishermen with rods on the river bank!
How people cook in a cauldron of fish soup and friend. river delicacies!

The most delicious fish I've ever seen!

The tastiest fish food - Photo!
Cooked in nature!

A very tasty fish snack!

We fishermen really like fish burgers!

A fisherman went into the woods and decided to fish there.
Since there are a lot of wild animals in the woods, he took a lot of tackle with him!

How the fishermen have fun!

It's nice to watch when a fisherman catches a very big fish!

There is also very winter fishing - photo!

The girl caught an unusually thoroughbred, huge fish, and most importantly delicious!

How touching when you catch your first fish of the day!

The fish catch is hung up to dry!

That's the kind of cargo we came fishing with!

The pike is splashing!

Amazing fish we caught by spinning!

The most beautiful bait for fish!

Fishermen look, how do you like my catch?

Big fish - pictures!

I'll show you the yellow carasses I caught!

A good sized pike that got caught on the shiner!

My favorite, huge bass I've ever fished!
I took a picture and I am pleased that such a fish is admired by all of you!

Went fishing on the lake and caught two pike like this. large and now I'm bragging to you!

How I came up with a good way to fish!
right from the boat on the river!

I just came to relax and sit on the bank of the pond with a fishing rod!

Fish pike-it's always nice.When you have it already in the boat and you catch it, you feel a lot of emotions!

The fish and the fisherman are having a real fight!

On a fishing trip in the evening, we made a bright fire!

The first time I went sea fishing I caught myself a real, beautiful sea fish with a long nose like this - Photo!

I sit and fish!

Photo - My feelings on fishing!

The fisherman's fire is burning beautifully and the fish soup is brewing!

And I'm just fishing and having fun!

First catch of the day - photo!

We are great fishermen and our catch makes us proud all the time!
A picture of the fish we just caught ourselves!

You caught fish, but you caught crayfish!

Lucky fisherman caught a pike!

What luck, I caught a fish! Photo!

Men bragging about the fish they caught!
They caught lots and lots of fish and had a lot of fun!

Fish in hand!

In winter, with the fish on the fishing, the main thing is the nibble!

Beautiful eyes of the fisherwoman who caught the fish!

Spinning and fish!

The warmest experiences are when we go fishing on the river!

Fans of simple, soulful fishing!

Photo - What a juicy perch!

Fresh fish in the snow!
Photo about fishing!

Pictures - When You Fished a Pike!

The greatest happiness of all, you've caught a tasty fish!

The fish bit off the hook on the bait - Photo Report!

Great moment - Fish on the hook!

What good carps. A fish worthy of respect!

A simple but nifty spinning reel for fishing!

Good fisherwoman, she's about to make a soup outdoors!

She and the fish are happy - Photo!

All kinds of fish are caught by fishermen!
Even a big one like this!

The fishing starts!

Beautiful fish caught by the village fisherman!

Fished a black fish!

The whole family on a fishing trip!

Photo - A whole mountain of fish, which means we had a good fishing trip.

Have you seen a happy, avid fisherman?

The fisherman in the boat, didn't come for nothing and caught a very nice fish!

And we caught two huge catfish in the river at once.We are happy and very satisfied!
See pictures of our catfish!

Caught a fish in the reeds!

We are the happiest fishermen, because we love fishing and we always come back with a catch!

Fishing from a rubber boat on the lake!

Fish tastes good even at night!

Let's cook fish outdoors - photo!

Fishermen - Photo!

Drying fish outdoors!

Smoking fish outdoors!

We caught a fish in the net!

photo - how I learned to fish!

Sometimes there are such huge fish in the pond!
we are happy.
Burbot or catfish?
What do you think?

Not a bad catch today!

Fishing pictures!

Beautiful, soulful winter fishing - Photo!

Photo - Let's see some real fishermen who are always with the fish!

Photo - tell me. how do you like my catch for today? I think who appreciates fishing, he understands that it is a great happiness when you catch so much fish and you're fascinated by the process!

You caught a fish and you're already happy!
Pictures about fishing and fishermen!

We cook fish soup in a cauldron of freshly fished perch.ukah turns out boiled and very appetizing!

Grilled fish in the fresh air!

Close-up photo of a fish swallowing a shiner!

Pictures - Fish fresh already in the fisherman's boat looks delicious!

Photo - how we went fishing, but instead of fish as usual caught crayfish and cooked in a pot of crayfish!

It's an amazing thing - Fishing!

The quiet river is full of fish!

An evening of fishing, it's a great pastime!

The fish, now it's going to be on the hook!

The tastiest fish in the world and the most expensive fish in the world!
It's the sturgeon!
Nothing compares in taste to sturgeon!
We caught two sturgeons on the river at once!

Photo - When a fisherman caught a real goldfish!

Fishing with the cat!

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