Pictures - with clouds in the sky!


Photos that evoke a strong delight, where all the beauty of the green world and beautiful houses, art pictures and modern natural landscapes, gardens and flowering trees - all this looks very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, you can look with special pleasure, to see the harmony within yourself!
There will be a good mood and a very good morning your combined with a beautiful day, and in the evening, let your imagination again visit such beautiful pictures, where you can experience the pleasure of paradise!

Very nice house with green areas!

The old fence!!!


The most beautiful church in the world?!


Amazingly beautiful view from the window of the house!

When the apple trees are in bloom!

Bright, lively blooms!

Blue windows and blue flowers!

Wild, cultural nature - photo!

The green world is so beautiful. everyone. who loves beautiful trees combined with beautiful, vintage houses!

The boarded-up windows of the house!

Would you like to see a very beautiful handmade window?

Under the sunlight!

Excavator and that house is gone!

A beautiful temple and all in bloom-God bless you!

The sun is setting, a beautiful sunset!
red house!

old car in an abandoned garden!

Garden of Eden in bloom when your vegetable garden is so beautiful!

Red church, golden domes!

Red plants!
Green leaves!

Beautiful stucco and beautiful branches of the ratios!

Builders - This house is pure wood, and the hand-carved, hand-carved windows are a priceless treasure!!!

in an old country house!

Iron Doorknob!
The nails are old and rusty!

Green Atmosphere - the pictures are very beautiful, unique artwork!

A real ancient icon from the church. The age of the icon is more than 800 years!

A piece of wooden architecture!

When the very beautiful lilacs are in bloom!

A rustic cottage in the far countryside!

a pink birdhouse in a tree!

Wooden fragment!

A green leaf in the sunshine!

extraordinary and delicious food!

Lilacs and a cottage in the distance!

A house that has grown into the ground!

Beautiful story of an old house!

An extraordinary birch!

In the ruins of an old house. moments where there once was life!

beautiful ornaments!

The most unusual mailbox in the world. which consists of a slot. which has an iron base!

Beautiful scenery. beautiful river and trees, everything looks very chic and bright against the clouds!

the park is beautiful!

In a green eco-friendly world!

A beautiful, old hut - A window that is ancient!

Beautiful, old, old brick masonry with beautiful ornamentation.All natural and more than 300 years old!!!

Golden domes

very beautiful buildings. architecture fragments!

The most beautiful carvings on houses. wood. handmade. Interesting for beauty lovers!

There was a house, there is no house...

the oldest icons in the temple!

Very beautiful. evening sky!
at sunset!

It's blooming!

All the beauty of nature from green to yellow!

Beautiful and all, look!

In an open field!
stands a house!

Art objects, handmade!

blue house, looks very nice against the sun!

Iron handle on the wicket!
A very old handle job, about 300 years old!

beautiful cat's eye!

Beautiful blooms!

The scent of wood and the beauty of the ancient world!

The windows are in the shade!


Old country doors!

Golden domes!

In the thickets of flowering gardens!

On the bank of the river, fishermen catching fish, through the sun!

Beautiful shadows fall from the bushes!

A bright sunset!

Beautiful picture of a vintage house!

The apple trees are in bloom, beautiful pictures!

Brickwork - ART photo!

On the stairs in the temple!

Blue windows of extraordinary beauty through the thicket!

Rustic pictures in the garden!

The sun is warming up in the evening!

Painting - At home, where there is a front garden and the sun is shining!

Fragment of unusual windows!

Ancient wooden house, where it smells like old times!

Everything is in bloom, in the green garden!

We're on a beautiful boulevard!

Green Gate!

A lonely house in the woods!

There's a lot of greenery in the city!

Beautiful fragrance of the flower. pleasantly surprising with its leaves!

White on blue
Clouds across the sky
Sunshine on a tree
Green on the ground...

Tell me the truth about the lake... Am I the sweetest thing in the world?
Jurassic puddle? No, it's just a puddle. Oh, I'm afraid with all this rain there'll be a lot of that now.

Look... heavenly tenderness! This flower grew in the park

There's such beauty in church parks and one wants to think only of good things and the heart rejoices, light... and the soul sings! One wants to touch the flowers, or better yet, come here and help manage the plants...welcome - both benefit and joy.

The sky was blazing in the sunset, the day was over...and it was a shame to part with it!
And today...rain) but walking in the rain is even more rewarding.

In the sunset sunshine everything becomes soft and golden in color... And how the apple trees are blooming!
Evening walks...

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