Pictures - Enchanted Lake in the City!


In a distant northern city, there is a lake, which can be called "Witchcraft," there are often quite incredible events and every day it plays in a special way waves, which reflect the houses around!
We will show you a photo, where there is a lot of mysterious things around this lake, but at the same time we are all very beautiful, nature is just great!

 The clouds are reflected in the lake!

 Trees and an ancient lake, many millions of years old, it is almost in the center of the city!

 Unusual lakes in the world, one of them is located in Siberia!

 Small lake.but very deep!

 A beautiful sunrise on the lake in the morning!

Once upon a time long ago on the territory of modern Siberia was a very large sea and swam sharks, whales and other predators, still people find remains such as teeth of ancient sharks!
The lake in the photo is still preserved many millions of years later. but it is a reminder of an ancient civilization!

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