Pictures - This very beautiful and old house!


This BEAUTIFUL HOUSE is located at the intersection of Komsomolskaya and Vodoprovodnaya Streets. With re-created casings (Shitov) and built into the new urban structure, it looks like a *monument*. The house has its own grounds, a very nice courtyard with old trees. Last year they removed the cast iron fence and put in a wrought iron one with a gate. A couple of years ago, the house was injured, an SUV drove into it and knocked out a corner... fallen bricks were lying around, like someone wanted to repair, but did not happen. The house is leased to a certain construction company.
Such old homesteads do not just decorate the city, they preserve its face, a unique image... you have to understand and appreciate it!

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 Beautiful house very old!

 Incredible combination of old house and modern architecture!

 Very old windows

 The photo is of an old house!

 Ancient trees and an ancient house in the house people still live in!

 Some of the most beautiful casings on house windows in the world!

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