Pictures - Green on the ground!


Beautiful, unusual pictures, where there is a unique combination of lifestyle, old and new world, photo freshness combined with vivid impressions, it is nice to see always what seems to us fresh, alive and very beautiful!
The best pictures, the best combinations of colors and objects, living plants and beautiful temples and churches, the pictures are very beautiful indeed!

Beautiful impressions are always nice to get, we get special thrill from the process of contemplation of something unusual and the opportunity to expand our horizons! It is for ourselves personally, we have this opportunity to see something interesting in the world through the eyes of the "Artist", who has highlighted to us all the most valuable and most important, which is actually worth our attention!
Let us with pleasure consider unique masterpieces. let us look and enjoy what we see sometimes in the most ordinary - the whole, beautiful and enjoyable!
Let everything blossom and reflect the most beautiful fragrance even in photos for you!

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In beautiful color!

Beneath the clouds of the domes!

Beautiful life in the midst of nature!

Blue House - Living among the Beautiful!

The sun is shining so nicely!

This is how days pass among nature. and green beauty!

When you walk into a very old church!
Living frescoes, many hundreds of years old!

Christmas trees, firs, churches, and clear skies!
It's beautiful all around, as if you were in paradise.

Incredible beauty at sunset on a new day, white apple trees and beautiful all around. the real world these days!

Let's look in the windows of the happy house, here-knock, who lives there?

Beautiful art board, you can still see the paint!

Old vegetable gardens, where people live, beautiful houses. where a combination of modernity and the very old world!

Walking through the old park, we found a very interesting house made of real wood and lined with planks, a beautiful sight in the evening!

pink house and lots of trees in front of us!

Wooden house in 2 floors!

Very old bricks down here, people who still remember what it was like in the last century live here!

Red cat in the evening with very beautiful eyes!

Very beautiful lilac bush, when lilacs are in bloom it is the most beautiful state!

A very beautiful dome!

Iron and wood!

Made of brick!

Lots of woods!

A real ginger cat!

Yellow house among the trees!

They play and they feel good!

Blue house and lots of green space!

Yellow and blue!

Everything is blooming!
It's very beautiful when everything is in bloom!

It's too sunny today!

A very beautiful combination!
Bricks, windows and trees!

In the temple of God!

When the windows are in the lilacs!

The road and the temple, looks strongly spiritual!

Yellow moss!

Top in gold, bottom in red bricks!

Windows in blooming apple trees!

Iron composition on a tree!

A red building, a bright blue sky, and beautiful, green trees!

Real wood house with blue, beautiful windows!

Blue and white!
beautiful patterns!

The apple blossoms are flooded with the light of the sun!

In bright light!

The most beautiful icons when we came to the temple!

In the trees we discovered the bird cherry!

In pink flowers!

A wall of old bricks!

Beautiful composition!
The windows and the wall,
Everything is blooming - Lovers of beauty!

Made of wood!

In the yard!

Iron handle...
Beautiful door very old!

Green leaves...
Beautiful colors!

The famous brick church!

It's a beautiful house,
Strong front garden,
Flowering trees!

In the sunshine!

Inside the Temple!

Beautiful burgundy colors!

The tree and the sun,
It's so beautiful in the shade,
I want to live there!

Made of wood,
With iron nails!

A red tree against a backdrop of greenery!

Red berries!
Green grass!

Landscape under the sun, very beautiful!
The trees and the relaxing atmosphere is felt!

Salad color!
For a beautiful mood!

The combination of old and new houses, beautiful and unusual!

The balcony is small, it looks unusual!

Someone in the house has boarded up the windows!

White apple blossoms, but the taste is very fragrant!

A beautiful tree fell in front of the house!

Standing in front of the iconostasis in church!

Red cones on a green Christmas tree!

Shall we look in the courtyard of the old house?

Ornament - Saw one window and we liked the pattern. which is made of wood!
white and blue!

Everything is covered with greenery. it's nice to breathe!


Above the windows is beautiful!

Very nice bricks. red and white!

Christmas trees and trees in the park - Beautiful pictures!

Along the road by the old house, the fence looks beautiful and very landscaped!

The gate by the house is in the sunshine in the shade!

We also saw a log house!
With beautiful blue windows, all made exclusively by human hands!

A yellow flower bloomed!

No one forbids us to pray, such majestic churches and of course our soul rejoices!

The twin churches, the red church and the blue church!
Really how beautiful they look!

It rained. The reflection in the puddle is just very spectacular!

The scarlet flower is beautiful!

It feels so good, and it pleases our eyes!

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