Pictures - Garden of Joy!


The Garden of Joy is on these streets today!
Residents have been planting flowering trees here for a hundred years, taking care of them, and this is the result! But now this whole neighborhood will be torn down... and new high-rise buildings will be built... what will happen to the garden?!

 House on the background of lilacs, a beautiful decoration of your plot!

 How to decorate and color your home beautifully!

 Such a flower can beautifully decorate your home!

 How to make the front of your house very pretty!

 Yellow trees, green and your homestead!

 Christmas trees and a vintage house, looks beautiful!

 The house where ghosts live!

 It's a shame about such beautiful houses, but someone must be living there!

 The plot is in front of my house!
Beautiful postcards!
How to make very beautiful!

 Lots of beautiful, sunny light outside - you happy people!
Look how beautiful you can live!

Sunshine and windows, you can say - "Good morning to you" Good people!


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