Pictures - Flowers that grow by the church!


We looked at the flowers, which cause great admiration. and if you look closely at each flower, you can see a whole beautiful, magical world. which radiates these flowers.Flowers of extraordinary beauty grow by the church!
Apparently, God helps them to grow that way. Radiate for us the fragrance and all the beauty of blooming!
A beautiful, divine world of flowers!

 Shades of yellow and lilac in a beautiful color!

Let's take a closer look at the flower. incredible beauty!
What grace, fabulous floral harmony!

 In shades of green and pink!

 We got to the heart of the flower!

 The color of the flower radiates a honey aroma!

 We looked into the heart of the flower!

 Honey and white!

 When the tulips bloomed!

 Burgundy and yellow!
The flowers enchanted by the church radiate incredible, radiant in their beauty and evoke in us a great desire to look a thousand times at this work of art that nature herself has created!

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